Led clock timepiece

Led clock “Origine 2”

A sparkling light pulses in its center, beating like a heart at each second. Minutes and hours appear on the outside circle in the form of lights as well.
The seconds that pulse at the center, sparkle as by magic out of a translucent glass cylinder. Then, dots of white light appear on the satellite opalescent ring to show minutes and hours. There is no figure but just the spatial marker of a classical clock.

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This clean and aerial designed clock is essentially meant to rhythm an internal intimate space.
During day light, an exquisite design object made of stainless steel, opalescence and light.
At night, a lighting illusion.
This "PULSE CLOCK” is the idea of a spark at the center of the universe* which shall give rhythm to the passing of time.
* Universe : a space where the center is (or would be) everywhere and the circumference nowhere.


160 cm height, 63 in. price and delivery on demand.


stainless steel, plexyglass, electronic. 110-240 V


Galerie 80 rue Albert 75013 Paris France