Clepsydra water clock

Clepsydra and electronic clock.

Already he is concerned with the relativity of time. Since the beginning of time, man has been involved in trying to perfect the measuring of time. Early on, nature served as a measure of time, and precision was not a concern. It is only in recent centuries that being able to precisely measure time has been indispensable. At the bottom and in the center one sees an Egyptian hieroglyph that signifies water clock (clepsydra). In the center, a water clock that rotates every hour. Its precision is only relative, and is influenced by temperature. In those days, an absolute precise time was not necessary. At the top right, one can see a radio antenna. It serves to synchronize the system by receiving signals from an atomic clock.


3 m 30 x 2 m x 45cm


Grès céram, stainless steel, glass, LED


Entrance yard of the College Malmaison in Rueil.