12 directions of time

sculpture “12 Directions of Time ” for Alcatel Lucent headquater in Paris

12 directions of Time

Does time have a direction?
This is what this work seems to suggest.
A series of cables made of fiber optic combine to create a column that is 11 meters high. Twelve glass arrows go through the column, marking the hours in different directions.
Minutes are represented by a point of light which moves up each arrow until it reaches the top.
When it does, the hour has gone, and it is up to the next arrow to become animated and follow a similar way.
Like this, along this ladder, time takes shape, runs and reaches its goal only to reborn again and continue its endless race.

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create in 1998


11 meter high


Crystal, optic fiber, leds, electronic, ropes


Alcatel Lucent Headquarters, 54 rue de la Boetie, Paris, France.