Time sails is a 20 meter long sculpture for the fret company sodexi

The vertical cables would act as meridians.
The work is a 20 m. long mobile.
It is made up of ropes with fiber optic cables on which the artist secured 12 sails of curved Plexiglas.
There are two light “events.” First some colors appear on the sails, creating a spectrum, through stained glass.
Then, an amber light fills the sails, marking the corresponding hour.

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SODEXI (AIR FRANCE-KLM Group) is an air freight company.
Among its complex, it includes a long interior lighted street.
The artist concept was to launch a series of sails to conquer our planet.


8 meter height, 20m long


Ropes, plexyglass, blown glass, electronic system


Sodexi at CDG Airport (Paris)