moon phases moon clock

moon phases clock

“Moon time” is a lunar clock that indicates the state of the moon at all points on the globe.
The moon appears in a crystal block filled with a multitude of clouds and dotted with craters around the rim.
It is white when the moon is up and blue when the moon is down.
It shows the phase of the moon in real time. Made up of 14 segments that light up and then turn off throughout the 29.5 days of the lunar self. During the day we see her getting up and going to bed.
A powerful calculator regularly gives the percentage of illumination of the moon as a function of latitude and longitude. It also gives the times of getting up and going to bed. When the moon is up, the led segments are lit at full power.

When lying down, these segments appear in low light.
We have programmed the main cities of the world. It is also possible to program the latitudes and longitudes of a particular location.

The exact values ​​of these calculations appear on the back. 5 buttons allow adjustments.Block of sculpted crystal presenting “the age of the moon” An emanation of the lunar star in real time in the heart of your home.

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Moon phases




Crystal (10 kg)