Conference & meeting Timer Hourglass

“LUMINI” is a luminous conference timer

You wish to time your conferences in an original, modern and practical way? We present you our new hourglass timer LUMINI.

His elegant led and transparency, have already conquered number of companies. It remains discreet like a decorative object while being functional and bright.

This conference timer is an automated luminous timer system that provides an ideal time-keeping solution for different subjects and/or speakers during meetings.

The time interval can be set between 10 seconds and 10 hours, keeping in mind a very simplified utilisation method. It consists out of a tree of leds viewable for the public, which fades out progressively. The speaker’s side shows in hours, minutes and seconds the remaining time. The moment the foreseen time has been reached, the leds blink during 5 seconds.


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Clients of reference: GRTgaz – ETH Zürich – AFE – CEA…


This conference Timer has been created to nicely set a time limit for each intervention.
Adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 hours. The blue ray of light is lighted at the start of the timing and progressively shut down as the dedicated time passes. At the end it's starts blinking during 5 seconds.


14" height, 110-240v